MEDICAL SURGEON: Professional ID #9552610

100% of the procedure is performed by Dr. Miguel Parra, the only doctor in Mexico who is certified in the DHI technique by the London Hair Restoration Academy.

“Each patient is a totally different experience. I love being part of their transformation as they become a happier and more confident version of themselves.”

Dr. Miguel Parra
DHI Master Surgeon

He is a General Physician graduated from Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana, CDMX.

Hair implantation expert and certified in the DHI technique by Hair Restoration Academy in London and trained directly by Master Surgeon Dr. Kuntal Deb Barma. Today, Dr. Miguel Parra is the only Doctor in Mexico with current certification in the DHI technique.

Dr. Miguel Parra’s experience includes hair implantation and restoration sessions in India, Colombia and Mexico City.