Medical tourism is an increasingly popular trend among people around the world seeking medical treatment. Lower cost care and higher quality medical treatments are the main reasons why more and more people are traveling every year for different treatments.

Hair Transplant? Turkey for Europeans & Tijuana for Americans

Thanks to its geographical location and extremely low prices Turkey has become a top destination for people from European and Middle Eastern countries. As its numbers continue to grow, Turkey is now considered the European capital of hair restoration. There’s so many patients traveling to Istanbul, that it is now common that a doctor or technician, along with three assistants conduct three or four procedures per day or have multiple procedures at the same room in the same time. For some Turkish clinics, quantity of treatments has become more important than quality itself.

For people living in USA or in Canada, traveling to Turkey takes too long and airfares are too expensive to justify their travels. So, which is the best option for Americans seeking affordable hair restoration?
Inexpensive prices, proximity and ease of travel make Tijuana, Baja California their best destination.

Located just 20 minutes away from the San Diego, California airport, DHI Tijuana enjoys a geographically significant location. This is very convenient for patients traveling from other cities in the USA as a short and inexpensive domestic flight followed by a short VIP drive down the border will get you to your destination.
flight duration turkey vs tijuana

mapa viaje Turquía México

Huge Savings and Higher Quality Service

DHI Tijuana offers state of the art facilities, a highly trained medical staff, VIP bilingual services and 30%-50% savings when compared to similar procedures performed in clinics in the US.

Why is it more affordable to do hair restoration procedures in Mexico than in the US? Basically all the costs, including rent, utilities, medical permits and staffing in Tijuana are less expensive than anywhere in the US. Being a labor intensive process, these costs basically set the price of the procedures. Many patients from all over the US visit our clinic because they want to save money, while they enjoy a more candid service without sacrificing their results.

Unlike most clinics in USA and Turkey, where technicians, nurses or assistants perform the procedure, in DHI Mexico a hair doctor who has been trained and certified by the London Hair Restoration Academy will perform 100% of the procedure. Being a global leader in hair restoration, DHI clinics around the world follow strict safety protocols and standards that guarantee natural looking results every time and the highest hair survival rate in the industry.

Before you travel, what should you look for in a clinic for hair restoration?

  • Make sure it’s an experienced doctor performing a procedure
  • A personalized treatment plan
  • Ask how many people are going to be involved in your procedure and how who will be performing each task.
  • Cleanliness and sterilization in the facilities, specially surgery room
  • Does the medical staff and patient care personnel speak English?
  • Which instruments are being used?
  • Does the clinic and/or doctor have international credentials?
  • Before & After pictures and positive patient reviews
  • Post Op follow up and care service
  • Contact DHI Tijuana for more information on Direct Hair Implantation technique or hair transplant.