If you’ve noticed your hair thinning or receding and you can no longer hide it, don’t worry, you’re not alone. While thinning hair and baldness has been a problem for men and women for hundreds of years, there is research that believes that young people are losing their hair earlier than the generations that came before them. Why? Read on to learn five reasons why you may be losing your hair, and what you can do about it.

1.     Stress

We all know stress is bad for our health, and we saw characters in cartoons as children who’s hair would fall out from so much stress, but most of us don’t pause to wonder if the cause of our hair loss is due to stress. If you’ve noticed an increase in the rate your hair is falling out, consider whether you’ve been under extra stress or have been feeling anxious for prolonged periods of time.

2.     Hormonal Changes & Thyroid Problems

There are various conditions that cause hormonal changes that may be causing you temporary or permanent hair loss. This can range from pregnancy and menopause for women, and skin conditions in men. Your thyroid can also cause a number of problems if it is not regulating your hormones properly, from hair loss to extra growth in undesirable areas, and weight gain.

3.     Side Effects

If you’ve recently (within the past few years) started on a new medication or supplement and your hair loss appears to have started around the same time, check with your doctor about whether hair loss may be a side effect. If so, you may be able to swap to a different medication.

4.     Over-Grooming

Do you style your hair daily? Do you brush it often? Do you run your hands through it often as a habit? If so, you may be causing more hair to fall out than you would if you left it alone. Doing anything that tugs at your hair often – from brushing it to tying it up – may cause hair loss.

5.     Genetics

Unfortunately, if there are men or women in your family history who have experienced early hair loss, then you likely will too. This is the most common reason for early hair loss.


What Can You Do?

If you believe you may be doing something to cause your hair loss, try to stop doing it. Avoid compulsively touching your hair, swap to an all-natural hair treatment, and try to swap to a different medication if possible.

If your hair loss is genetic or irreversible, the best solution is likely a hair transplant. Hair transplants have made progress in leaps and bounds, and our DHI (direct hair implant) technique is one of the most innovative and effective techniques. Our technique ensures all implants are precise, there is no use of scalpels and no need for sutures and gives you 100% natural results.

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