Beard Implant

Beard Transplantation

Thanks to our vast experience in hair restoration, DHI Mexico offers facial hair restoration treatments.

Mustache and beard transplantation can be achieved with a minimally invasive DHI technique, under local anesthesia and without any scarring in the implanted area.  Our flagship hair restoration technique, Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) restores facial hair by using hair follicles from a donor area (generally your scalp) and transplanting hair to the desired areas.  We apply the latest innovations in hair replacement technology to deliver 100% natural and permanent results that you will love, with no pain, no scars, and no suture.  Best of all, the entire treatment can be done in one sitting (in most cases).

In these cases, the certified doctor identifies simple follicles (only one hair per follicle) for the transplant to be successful, so that maximum density can be achieved in the natural direction of existing hair growth.  The implantation allows developing a bushy beard or simply filling the depopulated areas.

Facial hair transplant in a male is implemented in areas where hair is either absent or very thin.  In order to achieve incredibly aesthetic results, DHI specialists take into account the following considerations: a) shape of the face, b) ethnicity, c) age, and d) personal preferences.

It is extremely important for a patient to be properly counseled about the procedure.  At DHI Mexico, pre-procedural protocols are in place to ensure a 100% safe treatment with a successful outcome.

How does Beard Restoration work?

Taking into account aesthetic aspects and patient preferences, the DHI specialist designs the area of ​​the beard or mustache that will be implanted.  Subsequently, he or she determines the number of hairs needed to cover the affected area, as well as the density and type of follicle required.

Hair follicles are picked one by one to match the beard or mustache, and thanks to the world-class techniques and procedures implemented by DHI-trained and qualified doctors, there is complete control over the angle, depth and direction of the transplanted hair, which allows us to achieve a natural-looking result.  The implanted hair will grow with a natural appearance throughout life.

This procedure is only done by physicians certified by DHI Global Medical Group, following strict safety protocols to ensure the well-being of our patients.  Through medications, specialized innovative tools and local anesthesia, the area to be worked upon is completely numbed and the procedure in itself is almost completely painless.  The patients are made aware of the procedure at every step to put them at ease.  Post-procedure, the patients are advised to follow medications and precautions for 2 to 3 days following before they can get back to their normal routine.

Beard Restoration