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Benefits of DHI Hair Restoration

  • Minimally-invasive. Only local anesthetic is used
  • Better preservation of donor area with manual extraction
  • Direct Hair Implantation avoids the need of holes or slits to insert the hairs
  • High precision patented instruments
  • Minimized recovery time – in many cases, patients can return to work the next day
  • 90-97% survival rate of implantation

The results of a DHI hair transplant often improve the patients self esteem and confidence. Use the “Request a Consultation” button on this page to get the process started and schedule an appointment. A Hair Specialist from DHI will hold a free consultation with you to determine whether you are a good candidate for a hair restoration procedure.

hair transplant in mexico
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DHI Procedure

hair restoration in mexico


hair transplant in mexico


hair transplant tijuana


hair medical restoration tijuana


hair restoration tijuana

Post-procedure attention

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DHI Global Medical Group

Experts in hair restoration since 1970

DHI Global Medical Group has been dedicated to the education, research, diagnosis, and treatment of hair and scalp disorders; for 48 years, successfully helping more than 200,000 patients with alopecia problems, in over 60 cities around the world.

Throughout these 48 years, DHI Global Medical Group, has made some very important contributions in the hair restoration industry and is continuously establishing safety standards, innovative techniques and medical treatments.

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Hair Transplant Before and After

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hair restoration tijuana

Aesthetic, artistic & precise direct implant translates into natural looking appearance

hair restoration in mexico

Rejuvenate your beard with our direct hair implant treatment.

hair transplant tijuana

Perfection of shape and density.

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Why Hair Transplant

Have you been considering hair restoration surgery? If so, you’ve probably searched for doctors in your area and trying to find out what the average price of the procedure is. It’s likely that once you saw the high prices, you decided to halt your search.

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