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Change Your Eyebrows. Make Them Look Better With An Eyebrow Restoration.

Eyebrows are an important element of our facial structure and appearance, since a well-designed eyebrow can make your facial appearance change. The cheekbones of the face become more resplendent when the eyebrows are well filled and delimited. The eyes also shine more and the face looks more even from both sides.

Eyebrow RestorationFor the various reasons many people do not have the eyebrows they would like to have. For whatever reason, the failure to have hair in this area of ​​the face, DHI Mexico has a treatment that helps to bring them back through a natural way. It is done by direct hair transplantation without leaving scars, without the use of the scalpel and without the need to make incisions.  This treatment allows us to transplant hair to any part of the body and face with an effective result and 100% natural appearance.

How does eyebrow restoration work?

The transplanted follicles are selected one by one by a certified doctor, in order to exactly match the hair on the eyebrows.  An implantation tool designed and patented by DHI Global Medical Group, allows us to achieve a total control over the depth,

angle, and direction in which the hair is implanted in the desired area.

Eyebrow Transplant


  1. The certified doctor, by means of his/her artistic skills, carefully designs the eyebrow area according to the patient’s needs.
  2. The doctor then determines the number of hairs you need and the type of follicle to be grafted, in order to achieve a natural result.
  3. The required follicles are extracted from the donor area (usually the back of the head).
  4. The follicles extracted from the donor area are then implanted in the eyebrow area.
  5. The patient’s implanted hair will grow naturally throughout his/her lifetime.

The DHI Direct Hair Implantation is painless and has no side effects.



What hair is used in eyebrow transplant?DHI Mexico2019-07-22T16:59:14+00:00

Hair follicles are taken from a donor area (usually the nape of the neck scalp).  There is a “safe zone” at the back of the head, where hair follicles are genetically programmed to resist the hormone which causes hair loss in other areas of the scalp. Thus this hair when extracted & implanted stays permanently & doesn’t fall.

How long will the eyebrows hair grow?DHI Mexico2019-04-02T17:14:45+00:00

Once implanted, the eyebrow hair will continue to grow as it normally would in the area from where it was extracted. Eventually, in some cases, it will imitate the growth patterns of normal eyebrow hairs.

Can hair be implanted into a scar?DHI Mexico2019-04-02T17:17:30+00:00

Yes, eyebrow transplant can be used to fill gaps in eyebrows that have been scared befores. Graft survival may not be the optimal 90-97%, even though a high success rate and natural looking results are still attained.

Is it necessary to shave the eyebrows before procedure?DHI Mexico2019-04-02T17:20:05+00:00

No, the DHI technique does not require you to shave the area prior to your procedure.