December is the time to be festive and we need to look the part. Even if we’re all just gonna spend the night at home (due to the global pandemic), here are the best looks of the season for Christmas Eve or for your day-to-day activities. If you’re looking to improve your look but don’t know where to start, here we are to give you the direction you need for a make-over. Be ready for the Holidays from head to toe with DHI Mexico.

Let’s start!

1.Christmas sweater but make it cool.

A Christmas sweater doesn’t have to be ugly. Ditch the grandpa look and make it fresh by wearing an oxford or denim shirt underneath. Now you have the holiday spirit while looking cool. Keep it casual with some jeans or add some formality with a tie and trousers. If you want a more polished look add a leather jacket or a casual coat.


2. Colorful jackets.

If you’re feeling risky, add a dash of color! Wear all black or toned color underneath and add some twist with your jacket. It can be something with patterns (like squares or lines), this way you can play it safe but still look stylish.

3. Turtle Necks

How long since you wore that turtle neck shirt in the back of your closet? Well, the holidays are the perfect time to rock it. The best part of them it’s their versatility, wear them with patterned pants, a suit or some jeans and it’s guaranteed you’ll look fashionable. Use matching colors and you’re all set.

4. Layer up

Don’t want to get cold? This one’s for you! Layering will make you look modern and sophisticated. Start with a shirt and add a sweater, then your favorite long jacket, a long scarf, and you’re ready. Choose sneakers to give a fresh look or boots for a more elegant finish. The key to the perfect layered outfit is to keep it in one or two color families (for example: greens with greys – browns with blues).

5. Match the style

And of course, the final touch to any outfit is the hairstyle you choose for it. If you’re going full formal maybe lay it all back with the help of some pomade, or if you’re just going to get-together with some friends do a casual side-part. The important thing is to try different styles with your hair and not be afraid to go outside the box with it. If you’re feeling limited with your hairstyles due to hair loss problems remember that there are effective solutions to grow your hair back, naturally and permanently.

Remember that the key element in any outfit is confidence. When you feel great about yourself, it shows to everyone. Celebrate the holidays being your best self. The DHI Mexico team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!