If you’re considering going through a hair transplant, you’ve probably been doing your research. There are many things to consider when choosing where to do it, the doctors’ experience, location, reviews and testimonials from other patients, the customer service, and of course, the hair transplant cost. So, let’s talk about it, shall we?

charge per graft

You’ve probably already read about ”cost per graft”, making it sound like you only need a certain amount to achieve your desired density. They can charge you from $3 to $9 a unit, meaning you’ll be spending way too much to reach your goals.


What's The Real Problem When Charging Per Graft?

Not many people know how many hairs are in an actual graft. Think of it this way; the graft is just the flowerpot where many plants can grow from; it could be 1 to even 4. Imagine you want to cover your backyard with grass, but you plant it one by one. Even when there are a thousand, it will still look empty. Unlike selecting a grass square with more lawn in it and strategically place it to achieve a full garden.

A doctor can make you a deal and tell you he’ll be transplanting 1,000 grafts. Still, you won’t know if he’ll be using only singular-hair ones, double or triple ones because he only needs to do the number you signed for and, if you want more density, which is often required to obtain good results, the price will go up.


They also ignore factors that are important to evaluate before deciding how many follicles to extract, like the quality of the hair in the back of your head (which is where the hair would be extracted from, commonly known as ”donor area”), and how many follicles are needed to fulfill your expectations, among others.


Always Get A Personalized Quote

In DHI Mexico, our goal is for you to regain your hair and obtain maximum density in one session, and for that, our team of specialists and doctors evaluate your hair and donor area to decide what’s best for you. By doing this, we can give you a fair price for the results you want and not just an inflated or generic number.

With the patented DHI implanter, our master surgeons have total control over the direction, angle, and depth of each hair to give you a natural look, making your experience in our hair transplant clinic a safe and convenient one.