Just as our body and skin changes as we age, so does our hair. Different factors come in play has to why our hair transforms over time, such as hormones, lifestyle, eating habits, and the type of hair-styling techniques and products we use.

Maybe you’ve felt like your hair doesn’t seem to grow past a particular length o that is thinning in certain areas… Don’t panic! It might be just a normal phase of your hair related to your age. Take a look:


Being in your twenties means a glorious time for your hair, as it’s usually when hair shafts are still thick, and the cuticles are tight. But that’s only one side of the spectrum as the twenties also mean experimenting a lot, from hair color changes to heat styling and all kinds of hair product testing, which can make hair dry, brittle, and prone to breakage. Women may also see changes if they are doing extreme diets or using contraception.



With a new decade comes a new set of adjustments. Many women begin a family in their thirties, and pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding have an impact on the hair mainly because of the major hormonal changes the body goes through, which can lead to hair becoming brittle. Trying to maintain a balance between family, work, and overall a fast-paced lifestyle can be a stressful task, too. If needed, adding a biotin supplement to your diet can help strengthen your hair at this point.


If you notice hair thinning after 40, don’t be alarmed! It’s completely normal to start losing hair as you get older, as well as beginning to detect some get gray hairs in your head too. Also, women who enter menopause in the mid-to-late forties experience a decrease of hair volume due to the body going through numerous physical changes as it adjusts to fluctuating hormone levels (during menopause, oestrogen – a hormone that helps hair to keep growing – levels decrease). Another common occurrence is hair thinning on the front, side, or top of the head, with many women experiencing the fall out of large clumps during showering and brushing.

It’s inevitable to suffer from these kinds of changes as time goes by. The good news is that there are many options to maintain your hair as healthy as possible. One of the most effective hair restoration procedures for females is hair biostimulation therapy with enriched blood cells, which helps your hair become thicker and stronger; it can also improve hair density by directly stimulating the scalp.

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