Dealing with hair loss invites an inevitable lack of confidence, along with several other health issues. When it comes to children, figuring out the reason behind losing hair becomes pivotal. This article aims to enlist some causes of hair loss in young people and handy tips to deal with these.

  • Insufficient protein intake

Lack of protein tends to take a direct hit on your hair health, devastating their strength, and luster. Therefore, be watchful about the protein content and ensure keeping it within the specified limit for the given age. Dietary changes like including fish, eggs, and meat can help you keep up with the protein amount so that your body doesn’t have to hamper hair growth.

  • Over-styling habits

Excessive pulling and drying of hair might result in brittle texture and plummeted strength. This is why styling tools need to be used wisely so as not to cause any significant damage to your hair. Make sure to keep the temperature range within safe limits if you’re frequently using a hairdryer.

  • Medicine induced hormonal changes

Numerous medicinal prescriptions can make your hair look thinner and weaker than before. This is why it’s advised to be mindful of such side effects while considering any medicine. Altering the hormonal balance of one’s body can lead to untimely hair loss along with inducing several other ailments. Make sure you’re having a thorough discussion with your doctor before starting any new medication.

  • Anemia

Those suffering from Anemia are also susceptible to undergo hair loss. This is significantly caused due to deficiency of iron and can be tackled with the help of supplements. Generally, one iron supplement should be enough to help you deal with damaged hair. However, make sure you’re only planning to include any supplement after satisfactory medical consultation.

  • Sudden weight loss

It isn’t uncommon to find young people suffering from overweight issues and hoping on weight loss diets to shed some pounds. However, dramatic weight loss can adversely impact the strength of your hair, making you lose several strands a day. Before you consider a suitable weight loss diet, factor in the effect on your hair health before you proceed. This will help you include all the necessary vitamins and minerals so that your body doesn’t run out of supplies.

All in all, regular medical checkups and being watchful for developing signs of hair loss can let you keep things within control.