It’s officially that time of the year where many men decide to forget about their razors to start growing a beard, which, aside from being a cool aesthetic accessory, actually unlocks a series of advantages when winter comes.

  1. It will keep you warm.

Hair exists to help us regulate body temperature, so having facial hair acts as a natural scarf that can also protect you against chill winds. A 2012 study in China compared the heat of the upper lip of men with beard and mustache and found that, on average, it was 1 degree higher than those with clean-shaven faces, suggesting that facial hair helps preserve body heat better.

  1. You’ll be safe from windburns.

Windburn is a condition where the skin becomes dry, red, and irritated after being outdoors and exposed to cold, windy weather (similar to a sunburn). Studies have shown that a beard can block up to 95% of UV rays in the area that it covers. That means it can protect your skin from damage and also slow down aging.

  1. It helps prevent breakouts.

Shaving can cause itchy, red, painful bumps, as well as razor rashes that can lead to skin conditions such as acne and ingrown hairs. Having a beard can also help you cover bad looking spots or cold sores while lowering the chances of developing skin breakouts or blemishes. If you are experiencing persistent irritation every time you shave, simply letting your beard grow might be the solution.

  1. It will give you more confidence.

A beard can give a man a higher sense of power and confidence, as usually, men with beards are perceived as more dominant and masculine. Also, a beard can make a man appear more mature. Remember those high school days where you and your friends were racing towards adulthood? Growing a full beard would certainly make you feel that you were no longer a little boy.

  1. You’ll have a natural air filter.

Having a beard helps keep out microscopic allergens from the nose and mouth, hence reducing the risk of developing certain respiratory infections and even asthma attacks. A beard acts as a barrier against allergic triggers such as mold, dust, and animal dander, among others.

Did you know that growing a thick, bushy beard is possible even If genetics are not by your side? Check out how a beard transplant can improve your look not only for the winter season but for all year round!